Slimming Products

  • 28-Days Slimming Tea


    The 28 day fit tea is made up of senna leaf, green tea, cassia seed, lotus leaf, fiveleaf gynostemma, honeysuckle flower, hawthon fruit and honey.

    it aids in weight loss by supporting metabolism, boosting energy, burning fat and detoxifying the body.

    for maximum results the fit tea should be used with a slice of lemon and honey two times in a day

  • Flat Tummy Tea


    The flat tummy tea is a fine blend of moringa, lotus leaf, cassia seed and oolong tea. it is very effective in the loosing of tummy fat as the ingredients above help in the burning of tummy fat. the flat tummy tea contains 28 tea bags that are to be used daily for 28 days to achieve maximum results.

    it works by:

    improving digestion, easing bloating and detoxifying

  • Slim patch


    The slim patch is an adhesive patch that is attached to the navel area and helps in loosing of tummy fat. It  is very easy to use as it has an adhesive that sticks on as you go about your daily activities like sleeping, washing, cooking. one patch is worn for 7 to 8 hours a day.

    It works by metabolising fats, carbohydrates and sugars and thus breaking them down. it can be used for loosing tummy weight and is very effective. for maximum results it should be used for 30 days. one box contains 10 patches